Platelet Rich Plasma

Located in Marietta and serving all of North Georgia, and the surrounding area, Youth Enhancement Systems Medical Center offers platelet rich plasma (PRP) to patients interested in skin rejuvenation.


Use Your Body’s Own Healing Power with Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) was originally used in the mid-1990s to help promote healing of tendons and ligaments. PRP is the natural progression of the science involved with prolotherapy that has been available, but unknown for many years.  Prolotherapy is the process of injecting solutions that stimulate the release of your body’s own growth factors.

Only recently have the benefits of using the body’s own growth factors, contained in platelet rich plasma, been recognized and used to treat wrinkles, scars, and collagen loss. The procedure involves drawing a small amount of blood, which is then separated, and the platelet and plasma are concentrated to be used as an injectable.


In the blood, platelets are responsible for clotting, coagulation and healing, but also contain growth factors that trigger the body to regenerate and repair body tissues. By injecting these concentrated platelets, the body is stimulated to produce collagen and to replace and heal damaged tissues.

This process can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds as well as areas of collagen loss. The treatment typically requires one to three sessions approximately three weeks apart and while the repair process can take anywhere from weeks to months, it is a continuous process that improves over time and is long-lasting. There is virtually no risk of complications as you are being injected with cells from your own body.


The Benefits of Letting Your Body Help Itself

For those who have a spectrum of sensitivities to skin care treatments and products, PRP treatments use the healing power of your own blood to naturally restore your youthful appearance.


Plasma (with platelets) are dispatched to anywhere you sustain a cut or injury. Platelets hold blood together and plasma provides the healing properties. By using a small amount of your own blood components to inject under lines and wrinkles, your body uses its own natural healing process to correct the area. Your own natural tissues are encouraged to grow, which helps provide a correction that is continually improving over time and will not cause complications or reactions.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

To achieve the best possible results, you need an experienced professional who can help guide you to the most promising treatment method, and then skillfully apply their experience to that specific treatment. We are dedicated to exceeding your cosmetic skin needs!

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