Dr. Ken G. Knott

Dr. Ken G. Knott

Cosmetic Laser Background

Dr. Ken G Knott, founder of Youth Enhancement Systems, Y.E.S. in Marietta, has been one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of age management for over 30 years. He has been Medical Director in several Medical Spas and has performed uncountable facial laser treatments.


While  Dr.  Knott is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it is his initial interest in the surgical aspects of his training that has led to his expertise in cosmetic lasers. By early 2016, Dr. Knott had completed training and certification on the Pelleve, Precision and Smartlipo procedures as well as Cellulaze, a procedure that removes Cellulite. Dr. Knott has overseen hundreds of laser hair removal and performed full ablative procedures with the use of CO2 lasers, as well as Tattoo removal and sun damage with IPL procedures.

Professional Achievements

While serving as track doctor at Phoenix International Raceway, he developed an interest in racing, eventually going pro and competing in the highly touted IMSA racing series, driving a Grand Touring Prototype race car making his way to the winning podium.


He was a staff member at the prestigious and world renowned Ohio State University and was a clinical instructor and simultaneously built his first private practice. He later relocated to Marietta, GA and built his second and present practice.


He served as president of the AAOM from 2000-2002, he was instrumental in implementing and conducting their prolotherapy workshop program. Dr. Knott teaches this naturally effective way to end pain and promote healing, to doctor’s world wide.


For many years, Dr. Knott personally witnessed how medical myths and incorrect standards of care resulted in avoidable illnesses and misery. As a result, he authored this fact-based book in which he dispels popular medical myths and rumors about living a longer, healthier life. There are a variety of thought-provoking subjects, including those about bioidentical hormone replacement, he has made easy to understand.


You will find Dr. Knott in the office daily, be sure to catch one of his car racing stories. When out of the office he loves traveling to visit with his kids or watching the current season of The Voice with his two dogs Bean and Pumpkin.