Dr. Ken Knott has Georgia’s first Medical Concierge Bio-Identical Hormone Practice and Laser Aesthetics Clinic. Dr. Knott has been improving patient’s quality of life in Marietta since 1992. Dr. Knott and his staff are dedicated to offering his patients the highest level of service in patient care and aesthetic services. Dr. Knott is an internationally recognized Bio Identical Hormone Replacement and Prolotherapy Medical Doctor and has extensive experience in laser aesthetics. Dr. Knott is either in the office seeing patients every day or training another doctor in one of his specialized procedures.


At Youth Enhancement Systems, we specialize in Smartlipo fat removal and skin tightening, Cellulaze, Precision TX face lift, Pelleve skin firming CO2 device for skin resurfacing, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement, PRP therapy, and Prolotherapy for rejuvenation. Dr. Knott has done his research to bring only the best procedures to his patients. In addition, we offer Botox and dermal fillers.


Dr. Knott is directly involved in the care of every patient, reviewing progress and suggesting a different approach to each patient’s customized needs. In fact, every patient has direct access to him by cell phone any time he is needed after hours. We invite you to explore our site and see what Bio Identical Hormone Therapy, PRP, Prolotherapy & Smartlipo and our many other laser aesthetic procedures can do for you.


At YES, we are committed to providing the highest level of patient service coupled with the best results. It is this commitment to bringing patients the best that has made Dr. Knott continue his love of treating patients for over 25 years. We look forward to meeting you soon!